Process Entire 1


Process Entire 2


Process Entire 3


Process Entire 4



Process 01

1. Sorting of raw laver

fresh laver from the freezer is carefully selected.

Process 02

2. Auto insertion of raw laver

the selected raw laver is inserted automatically one sheet at a time.

Process 03

3. 1Initial toasting

the laver is toasted once at 250°c for 15 seconds.

Process 04

4. Seasoning

corn germ oil, sesame oil, and salt is added adequately.

Process 05

5. Second toasting

– the laver is toasted again at 370°c for 15 seconds.

Process 06

6. . Automatic counting

the laver is sorted according to pre-selected amount by automatic sensors

Process 07

7. Automatic insertion of desiccants

one pack of desiccant (1g or 2g) is inserted in the package automatically

Process 08

8. Automatic packaging

the automatic packaging machine seals the laver airtight with OPP or aluminum wrapping.

Process 09

9. Metal detection

the laver goes through an automatic metal detector that automatically detects even the tiniest metal.

Process 10

10. Box packaging of finished goods

the airtight-packed seasoned laver is packed in a box by a fixed amount.