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Incarnating very traditional and renowned GwangCheon laver GwangCheon laver only uses laver that originated from west cost(SeoCheon) where it uses most luxurious pillar-type method to grow laver during winter season. 99% of laver’s flavor comes from its origin.

On behalf of customer’s health, we decreased sodium content and added quality sesame oil and corn oil to create crispy and nutty fragrance and flavor.

GwangCheon laver is the best seasoned laver which is managed and produced under clean and hygienic environment with our newly constructed factory and most recent automated system under HACCP regulation.

OUR Quality

laver is a nutritious food rich in vitamins(A, B1•B2•B6•B12, C) and proteins. laver also has a crucial ingredient which extracts cholesterol from body to prevent arteriosclerosis, cancer and high blood pressure.
(source : Encyclopedia of Korean Culture)