CEO Message


“KwangCheon DasolKIM is trying our best to satisfy our customers.”
KwangCheon DasolKIM is located in GwangCheon(=KwangCheon), the region famous for laver.
And, all of our employees are trying our best to produce a quality product with great taste and nutrition through continuous research and development of new technologies.
We promise to be a dedicated company to provide its customers with best products and always taking their health and nutrition as its priority.

History of Company


Certified ISO22000 Food Safety Management System


China’s export of aquatic products production and processing facilities Registration (KP-470)


Certified by the HACCP


New plant construction and operation


KWANGCHEON DASOLKIM Incorporation (CEO Jang In-cheol)

2011. 01. 01

KWANGCHEON KIM Trading company transfer management rights (CEO Jang In-cheol)

1983. 03. 10

KWANGCHEON KIM Trading company establishment (Lee Hyeon-suk)